Hi Candle Family, my name is Melanie Moye, owner of Scented Moments by Mel (SMBM). I started my candle journey years back when I got my first apartment and wanted to spruce things up a bit, and this my friends has been over a decade ago.


I wanted to share with you my love of candles and to offer my homemade items just for you. I have loved candles for years. For me, there is nothing like walking into a room and being taken away by a heavenly scent. Think about it how many times have you walked into your favorite candle store opened a jar and said I need this scent in my life? How many times have you went to visit someone, and you have to ask where they got that candle? I am sure more times than a few because I can relate very well. Those scented moments brought me here where I am today.

A little bit more about myself, I am married to my wonderful husband and have three beautiful children. My career choice is a Nurse Practitioner. I love helping others from the frontline to your living room.  Scented Moments by Mel is all about bringing flavor, rejuvenation, and relaxation into your space. Let’s make scented moments together that last a lifetime.


I look forward to filling your space and mood with Scented Moments!  














-With Love